Translating Worlds

The exhibition takes place in Istanbul. Not only did Constantinople represent one of the main crossroads of narrative and translation under the scope of the Retracing Connections programme but this megalopolis remains still a home to more than 20 million people, speaking dozens of languages and witnessing their cultural worlds intersect, overlap, fuse and collide. In this sense, the exhibition aims to show that the storyworlds from a thousand years ago still have a place in the material world of today. These stories, our stories, bind together broad sociological perspectives and highly subjective views, such as those of a refugee or a minority group, by opening space for listening, clarity and compassion in the deafening noise of the schismogenesis and the so-called global migration crisis. The artists and curators take the stories that traveled through space, time and languages to offer them a new temporary home in old Istanbul. They allow them to narrate our own world in unconventional and revealing ways.