• Retracing Connections organizes a one-day hybrid workshop together with the ERC project Novel Echoes under the title The Reuse of Ancient and Late Antique Narratives in the Medieval Middle East and Beyond, on January 31, 2023 hosted by Ghent University. You can find the program and register here.

  • Aske Damtoft Poulsen, Matthew Kinloch and Ingela Nilsson are organizing a workshop aimed to bring together PhD students and early career scholars who work with issues of narrative and narratology in pre-modern historiography. The workshop will be held at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 3

  • MAPPING THE BYZANTINE STORYWORLDS is the first Retracing Connections Workshop, to be held online on September 28-29 & October 2, 2020. The program members will unwrap the concept of storyworlds and discuss the Life of Saint Theodore of Edessa, the pillar narrative of the programme. The guest spe