Discover the countless worlds and faces of Michael Psellos, the intellectual whose words and stories marked our image of the eleventh century more than any others. Stratis Papioannou presents the Greek edition of his book ΜΙΧΑΗΛ ΨΕΛΛΟΣ: Η ρητορική και ο λογοτέχνης στο Βυζάντιο, in the LiFO ΒΙΒΛΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΣΥΓΓΡΑΦΕΙΣ Podcast.


Follow the exciting life of a charter, from a medieval monastery on Mont Athos to a bronze monument in central Belgrade. Why don’t the kings let the librarians do their job? How do we fit a complex life and a controversial historical figure into a monument? Can nameless beekepers also build a state?

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The text Ink, Bronze, and Blood of the Nation: Living in Medieval Serbia Today is written as an announcement for an online Oxford – Uppsala event held on March 25th, 2021. You can access the recording of the event below.